WESTLAKE, Donald E(dwin Edmund)

WESTLAKE, Donald E(dwin Edmund)
   US writer, mostly of detective novels and thrillers, often slapstick, under his own name and under pseudonyms, notably Richard Stark; he won an Edgar award with God Save the Mark (1968). He began publishing sf - always of secondary interest in his career, though never carelessly done - in 1954 with "Or Give Me Death" for Universe, and assembled much of his short work in The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution and Other Fictions (coll 1968). His first novel of sf interest, Anarchaos (1967) asby Curt Clark, is an adventure tale set on a planet where one's own death is the only crime recognized; along with 9 stories - mostly early - this novel was assembled as Tomorrow's Crimes (coll 1989) as DEW. High Jinx (1987) and Transylvania Station (1988), both with Abby Westlake, aremysteries incorporating elements of spoofed horror. A polished, intelligent, witty writer, DEW has left sf the poorer by his decision not to concentrate seriously on the genre.
   Other works: Ex Officio (1970) as by Timothy J. Culver, marginal; Humans (1992), a fantasy.
   See also: PULP MAGAZINES.

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