Australian DIGEST-size SEMIPROZINE, 5 issues 1975-7, thereafter continuing until 1981 as a series, 4 books, 3 numbers per book, which effectively constituted an original-anthology series; published by Void Publications; ed Paul COLLINS. \#1-\#3 were published from Queensland, therest from Melbourne. At a time when Australian sf had few local outlets, VSFAF was a brave venture, though in appearance it could be described, inits 1st incarnation, as a fiction FANZINE, with an overcrowded layout on cheap paper. It contained some original and reprint work from the US, but was primarily a platform for such Australian sf writers as A. Bertram CHANDLER, David LAKE and Jack WODHAMS. VSFAF was dated by year only, andonly one issue (\#2) was numbered. \#6-\#8 were published in book form as an original anthology, Envisaged Worlds (anth 1977), \#9-\#11 as Other Worlds (anth 1978), \#12-\#14 as Alien Worlds (anth 1979) and \#15-\#17 as DistantWorlds (anth 1981). A further anthology, Frontier Worlds (anth 1983) was offered to subscribers in lieu of \#18.

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