UPDIKE, John (Hoyer)

UPDIKE, John (Hoyer)
   US writer whose exuberantly polished and opulent style has led him more than once into realms of FABULATION. In The Centaur (1963) mythological avatars haunt present-day characters. The government toppled in The Coup (1978) had ruled an imaginary country - a setting which might readily occasion comment from within the sf field, given JU's conspicuous aversion to genre literature in general - as witness his remarkably obtuse New Yorker review of John Le Carre's Our Game (1995) - and specifically -as in an earlier review of Vladimir NABOKOV's Ada (1969) - to the creation of imaginary countries. The Witches of Eastwick (1984) is - though enfeeblingly dilatory about the fantasy premises it invokes - a genuine tale of the supernatural involving a Devil-like male and 3 women whose PSI POWERS develop alarmingly. Only JU's first novel is sf: The Poorhouse Fair(1959) is set in a NEAR FUTURE institution for the aged which serves as the focus of a popular revolt.
   Other works: Roger's Version (1986); The Chaste Planet (1980 chap); Brazil (1994), a magic-realist fantasy based on the story of Tristram and Iseult.

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