Film (1957). Columbia. Prod Charles H. Schneer. Dir Nathan Juran, starring William Hopper, Joan Taylor, Frank Puglia, John Zaremba. Screenplay Bob Williams, Christopher Knopf, based on a story by CharlottKnight, Ray HARRYHAUSEN. 84 mins. B/w.
   In this typical MONSTER MOVIE a spaceship returns to Earth from Venus carrying a strange egg which hatches a humanoid/reptilian creature, an Ymir. The Ymir grows and grows until, bigger than an elephant, it escapes into Rome and is trapped and killed on top of the Colosseum. The model animation is pretty good, but the trouble with the Schneer/Harryhausen collaborations - designed solely to showcase Harryhausen's skills - is invariably a poor script, so that the specialeffects exist within an intellectual vacuum. No reason for this sulphur-eating alien's arbitrary destructiveness is given. A novelization by Henry SLESAR filled the only issue of AMAZING STORIES SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS (1957).

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