STINE, G(eorge) Harry

STINE, G(eorge) Harry
   US writer who was for many years best known for work published under his pseudonym, Lee Correy, but who in the 1980s began increasingly to write under his own name, though his popularizing nonfiction about space travel and satellites had always been released as by GHS, as was his first story, "Galactic Gadgeteers" for ASF in 1951. As Correy, his best-known sf tale is "And a Star to Steer Her By" (1953), to which his first novel, a juvenile, Starship through Space (1954), is a sequel. There soon followed another juvenile, Rocket Man (1955), and Contraband Rocket (1956), about amateurs launching a SPACESHIP. GHS's preoccupation withspace travel has never, in fact, faltered, and although many years passed before his next novel as Correy, his urgent advocacy of the space programme remained as attractively fresh as ever. Star Driver (1980), Shuttle Down (1981), Space Doctor (1981), Manna (1984) and A Matter ofMetalaw (1986), all as Correy, variously work to increase the sense of the reality of space, an agenda perhaps less evident in The Abode of Life * (1982), a STAR TREK tie. Under his own name, GHS's fiction has been lessambitious, being restricted mainly to the NEAR FUTURE Warbots sequence in which humans and MACHINES clashingly interface as the US Robot Infantry fights evil everywhere: Warbots (1988), Warbots \#2: Operation Steel Band (1988), \#3: The Bastaard [sic] Rebellion (1988), \#4: Sierra Madre (1988),\#5: Operation High Dragon (1989), \#6: The Lost Battalion (1989), \#7: Operation Iron Fist (1989), \#8: Force of Arms (1990), \#9: Blood Siege (1990), \#10: Guts and Glory (1991),\#11: Warrior Shield (1992) and Judgment Day (1992). A second series, the Starsea Invaderssequence comprising First Action(1993) and Second Contact (1994) is not dissimilar.Nonfiction works of sf interest include Earth Satellites and the Race for Space Superiority (1957), Rocket Power and Space Flight (1957), The Third IndustrialRevolution (1980), Shuttle into Space: A Ride in America's Space Transportation (1978), The Space Enterprise (1980), Space Power (1981), Confrontation in Space (1981), The Hopeful Future (1983), The Silicon Gods (1984) and Handbook for Space Colonists (1985).

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