STILSON, Charles B(illings)

STILSON, Charles B(illings)
   US journalist and editor, active in the early decades of the century with serialized novels and some stories for the Frank A. MUNSEY magazines. His Edgar Rice BURROUGHS-inspired sf/fantasy trilogy, Polaris of the Snows (1915-16 All-Story; 1965), Minos of Sardanes (1916 All-Story; 1966) and Polaris and the Immortals (1917 All-Story as "Polaris and theGoddess Glorian"; 1968), features the improbably durable Tarzan-like Polaris Janess, who spends his Antarctic childhood killing polar bears [sic] by hand and as an adult enjoys adventures in a LOST-WORLD colony of Greeks and with technologically advanced survivors of ATLANTIS. "The Sky Woman" (1920 All-Story) concludes with the tragic death of a Martian woman borne to Earth in a meteorite. The more sophisticated "Dr Martone's Microscope" (1920 All-Story) is a homage to Fitz-James O'BRIEN's "TheDiamond Lens" (1858) and Ray CUMMINGS's "The Girl in the Golden Atom" (1919), both of which are mentioned by name. At the same time it invokes a surreptitious sexuality: the doctor's microscope has been used for voyeuristic purposes. At his best CBS was a writer who transcended PULP-MAGAZINE formulae.
   Other works: The Island God Forgot (1922); The Ace of Blades (1924); A Cavalier of Navarre (1925); Sword Play (1926); The Seven Blue Diamonds (1927).
   See also: ESCHATOLOGY.

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