UK writer whose remarkable The Perfect World: A Romance of Strange People and Strange Places (fixup 1922) is thought by E.F. BLEILER almost certainly to consist of 2 separate magazine novels here published sequentially; however, as EMS clearly attempted to weave their plots together, we designate the outcome a FIXUP. In the first main sequence the two young gentlemen protagonists are transported from a company town dominated by their family coalmine into an underground cave system populated by theocratic relics of an Old Testament quarrel; after they finally emerge in Australia and note that the world is about to blow up, they travel with their inventor uncle to JUPITER, where a similar oligarchy, this time pre-Adamic, subjects the main protagonist - as had happened already underground - to erotic inducements. He marries the relevant princess and together they rule Jupiter in peace. In dealing with the sinlessness of the Jovians, EMS ineffectively prefigured the work of C.S. LEWIS.

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