UK publishing firm which from 1936 through 1984, though mainly in the 1970s, published more than 450 sf novels, in hardbound editions, primarily for the library market. (In 1990 a few US sf titles were reprinted, but no originals.) A large majority of titles originating with the firm were uniform in length (192 pages) and routine in substance, most being SPACE OPERAS. In its early years Hale published speculative fiction from authorslike S. Fowler WRIGHT and Wyndham LEWIS, and in the 1970s many established foreign writers - including Poul ANDERSON, A. Bertram CHANDLER, Hal CLEMENT, Gordon R. DICKSON, Ron GOULART, Harry HARRISON, Keith LAUMER,Frank Belknap LONG, Andre NORTON, Robert SILVERBERG and Kate WILHELM - released titles to the UK market through the house; but from the middle of that decade Hale published mostly books signed by names otherwise unknown to the sf world. Some of these were young authors - e.g., Adrian COLE - who would soon move on to more ambitious projects, and some - e.g., the actor Michael ELDER - were authors who published primarily with Hale but who were clearly real individuals; but many were pseudonyms, some of which have been identified and can be found below so designated. Almost certainly several remaining names - some of those below without birth-dates being reasonable suspects - are also pseudonymous. Below we list authors whose names are solely or primarily identified with the Hale imprint, and, where appropriate, their works as well.John (Kempton) AIKEN, writing for RHL as John Paget.Roy Ainsworthy Lauran Bosworth PAINE.Adrienne Anderson: Wings of the Morning (1971).Walter Bacon: TheLast Experiment (1974).Bee BALDWIN.Jo Bannister (1951-): The Matrix (1981); The Winter Plain (1982); A Cactus Garden (1983).Mark Bannon Paul CONRAD.Alan BARCLAY.D(onald) A(ndrew) Barker (1947-): A Matter of Evolution (1975); A Question of Reality (1981).G.J. BARRETT, whose pseudonyms include Edward Leighton, Dennis Summers and James Wallace.Roger (Alban) Beaumont (1935-): Deep Space Processional (1982) with R. SnowdenFicks.John Bedford (pseudonym of David Wiltshire - see below): The Titron Madness (1984).Peter Bentley (real name Alan Moon): Destined to Survive (1977).Leigh Beresford: Fantocine (1981).Fenton Brockley Donald S. ROWLAND.Eric BURGESS.Roger Carlton Donald S. ROWLAND.Mark Carrel Lauran Bosworth PAINE.R.M.H. Carter: The Dream Killers (1981).Garet Chalmers: A Legend in his Own Deathtime (1978); Homo-Hetero (1980).David Clements: The Backwater Man (1979).Paul CONRAD, who writes also under his real name (Albert King) and as Mark Bannon, Floyd Gibson, Scott Howell and Paul Muller.Paul COREY.James CORLEY.(Michael) George Corston (1932-): Aftermath (1968).S(idney) H(obson) Courtier (1904-1974): Into the Silence (1973); The Smiling Trip (1975).N(icholas) J(ohn) Cullingworth: Dodos of Einstein (1976).Jules N. Dagnol: The Sandoval Transmissions (1980).Cyril Donson (1919-1986): Born in Space (1968); Tritonastra - Planet of the Gargantua (1969); The Perspective Process (1969); Draco the Dragon Man (1974).Iain Douglas: Point of Impact (1979); Saturn's Missing Rings (1980); The World of the Sower (1981); The Hearth of Puvaig (1981).Alfred Dyer: The Symbiotic Mind (1980); The Gabriel Inheritance (1981).Michael ELDER.James England: The Measured Caverns (1978).R. Snowden Ficks Roger Beaumont (above).Arthur H(enry) Friggens (1920-) Eric BURGESS.Nicholas Ganick: California Dreaming (1981).Donald J. Garden: Dawn Chorus (1975).Graham Garner Donald S. ROWLAND.T.S.J. Gibbard (pseudonym of Michael Vinter - see below): Vandals of Eternity (1974); The Starseed Mission (1980); The Torold Core (1980).Floyd Gibson Paul CONRAD.John Gilchrist (real name Jerome Gardner; 1932-): Birdbrain (1975); Out North (1975); Lifeline (1976); The English Corridor (1976); The Engendering (1978).David Graham (1919-): Down to a Sunless Sea (1979).J(ohn) M(ichael) Graham: Voice from Earth (1972).Anthony Grant (possible real name, Marion Staylton Pares (1914-): The Mutant (1980).Hilary Green: Centrifuge 1977 (1978).Harry J. Greenwald: Chinaman's Chance (1981).Brian GRIFFIN.Peter J. Grove: The Levellers (1981).Norman Hall (1904-): Green Hailstones (1978).William C. HEINE.Gordon T(homas) Horton: X-Isle (1980).Troy Howard Lauran Bosworth PAINE.Scott Howell Paul CONRAD.Mark Jales: Prelude to Exodus (1979); In his Own Image (1979); Normal Service Will be Resumed (1980).R. Alan James: No News from Providence (1978).Norman Jensen: The Galactic Colonisers (1971).Neville Kea: The World of Artemis (1980); The Rats of Megaera (1980); The Glass School (1980); Scorpion (1981).Albert King Paul CONRAD.Edward Leighton G.J. BARRETT.John LIGHTRichard Lindsay: The Moon is the Key (1980).Roger Lovin: Apostle (1980).Ronald A. McQueen: The Cosmic Assassin (1980); The Sorcerer of Marakaan (1981); The Man who Knew Time (1981); Mardoc (1981).Michael F. Maikowski: Fire in the Sky (1981) with Chris L. Wolf.Sue Mallinson: TheSerpent and the Butterfly (1980).David Mariner (real name David McLeod Smith, 1920-): A Shackleton Called Sheila (1970; vt Countdown 1000 1974 US).Dave Morgan: Reiver (1975); Genetic Two (1976); Adverse Camber (1977). Paul Muller Paul CONRAD.Hugh A. Nisbet: Farewell to Krondahl (1980); The Raven's Beak (1981).John October (real name Christopher Portway): The Anarchy Pedlars (1976).Lauran Bosworth PAINE, whose pseudonyms include Roy Ainsworthy, Mark Carrel and Troy Howard.John Paton (real name Frederick John Alford Bateman (1921-): Leap to the Galactic Core (1978); Proteus (1978); The Sea of Rings (1979).David G(eorge) Penny (1950-): The Sunset People (1975), Starshine 43 (1978) - both post- HOLOCAUST tales of some grimness - Starchant (1975) and Out of Time (1979).W.D. PEREIRA.Roger Perry (real name Roger William Cowern (1928-): Senior Citizen (1979); The Making of Jason (1980); Esper's War (1981).Audrey Peyton: Ashes (1981).Alex Random Donald S. ROWLAND.L.P. REEVES.Jack Rhys: The Eternity Merchants (1981); The Five Doors (1981).Julia Riding: Gabion (1979); The Strange Land (1980); Deep Space Warriors (1981) - Space Traders Unlimited (1987), for children, is not a Hale book.J.R. Robertson: The Crab Eagle Trees (1978).Brian Rolls: Something in Mind (1973).Raymond J. Ross: One Hundred Miles above Earth (1981).Donald S(ydney) ROWLAND, whose pseudonyms include Fenton Brockley, Roger Carlton, Graham Garner, Alex Random, Roland Starr, Mark Suffling.James Ryder: Kark (1969); Vicious Spiral (1976).RasRyman (real name James D. Brown): The Quadrant War (1976); Day of the Ultramind (1977); Weavers of Death (1981).J(oseph) W(illard) SCHUTZ.William T. SILENT.D(enise) N(atalie) Sims (1940-): A Plenteous Seed (1973); A Pastime of Eternity (1975).A(nthony) C(orby) Smith (1925- ): A Glimpse of Judgement (1978).Walter J(ames) Smith (1918-): The Grand Voyage (1973); Fourth Gear (1981).Roland Starr Donald S. ROWLAND.Mark Suffling Donald S. ROWLAND.Dennis Summers G.J. BARRETT.Nevil Tronchin-James: Ministry of Procreation (1968).James B. Tucker (1922-): Not an Earthly Chance (1970).Michael Vinter (1927-): Along Came a Spider (1980).Walter Walkham (real name James Harvey Trevithick Ivory (1921-): When Earth Trembled (1980).James Wallace G.J. BARRETT.Chad Warren: Alien Heaven (1976).William Thomas Webb (1918-): The Eye of Hollerl-Ra (1977); After the Inferno (1977); Cheyney's Robot (1978); Poisoned Planet (1978); The Time Druids (1978); Dimension Lords (1979); The Fate of Phral (1980); The Froth Eater (1980).Philip Welby: The Pleasure Dome of Sigma 93 (1978). Martyn Wessex (real name D.F. Little): The Slowing Down Process (1974); The Chain Reaction (1976).Ronald Wilcox: The Centre of the Wheel (1981).Eric C. WILLIAMS.T. Owen Williams: A Month for Mankind (1970).Robert Hendrie Wilson: The Gods Alone (1975); Ring of Rings (1976); A Blank Card (1977); The Frisk Donation (1979).David Wiltshire (1935-): The Homosaur (1978); Child of Vodyanoi (1978; vt The Nightmare Man 1981); Genesis II (1981).Chris L. Wolf: Fire in the Sky (1981) with Michael F. Maikowski.J.A. Wood: We Alien Seed (1978).
   Further reading: Hale \& Gresham Hardback Science Fiction (1988 chap) by Roger ROBINSON.

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