REICHERT, Mickey Zucker

REICHERT, Mickey Zucker
   Working name of US medical doctor and writer Miriam S. Zucker Reichert (1962-), almost allof whose fiction (see Other Works below) has been fantasy; but whose 9th novel,The Unknown Soldier (1994), is an sf tale aboutan amnesiacal soldier whose treatment in hospital is complicated by doubts over his origins intime and space, and interrupted by guerrilla assaults; his character and feats are reminiscent ofthose of MZR's fantasy protagonists. The medical side of the tale is perhaps more sustained thanthe sf side.
   Other works: the Bifrost Guardians sequence, comprising Godslayer (1987), ShadowClimber (1988), DragonrankMaster(1989), Shadow's Realm(1990) and By Chaos Cursed (1991);the Renshai seuqence,comprising The Last of theRenshai (1992),The WesternWizard (1992) and The Child ofThunder (1993); The Legend ofNightfall (1993), a singleton.

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