ODLE, E(dwin) V(incent)
   UK writer and editor. As younger brother of Alan Odle, who was the husband of Dorothy M. Richardson (1873-1957), EVO came into close contact with J.D. BERESFORD, who had been instrumental in publishing the first volume of Richardson's Pilgrimage in 1915. EVO's sole sf novel, The Clockwork Man (1923), clearly shows Beresford's influence, and may alsohave been published with his help. In this graceful SCIENTIFIC ROMANCE, a CYBORG - in this case a man into whose body a clock has been inserted -comes accidentally back through time from AD8000 to the present, where he plays cricket and describes a world in which life regulated by MACHINES is accepted by most, though not all. God, it is hoped, has been taking note of the new, improved version of humanity.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Encyclopedia. . 2011.

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