Scottish writer and illustrator, in England or Australia from 1865, author of at least 45 novels, some of which are fantasy or sf, beginning with The "Jolly Roger" (1892), which features a supernatural wind and a hidden pirate island. In Valdmer the Viking: A Romance of the Eleventh Century by Sea and Land (1893) Vikings find a technologicallysuperior LOST WORLD in the Arctic north of North America. The Great Secret: A Tale of Tomorrow (1895), like much of HN's work, mixes genres,here combining posthumous spirits and a this-worldly undersea excursion to ATLANTIS. The Empire Builders (1900) sets its lost world in Africa.
   Other works: The Haunted Station, and Other Stories (coll 1893); Stories Weird and Wonderful (coll 1900); A Crafty Foe (1901); A Colonial King (1905).

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