McNEILLY, Wilfred Glassford

McNEILLY, Wilfred Glassford
   Scottish author of numerous novels and stories under a variety of names; he achieved some minor notoriety when he claimed in print to have written all the work published under the byline W. Howard BAKER-actually WGM's editor on stories written for the Sexton Blakelibrary and for Press Editorial Syndicate - and various other Baker pseudonyms, a claim since disproved. WGM did write (as Errol Lecale) the Specialist series: Tigerman of Terrahpur (1973), Castledoom (1974), TheSevered Hand (1974), The Death Box (1974), Zombie (1975) and Blood of My Blood (1975). As Peter SAXON, another house name, he cowrote with Baker 2 tales in the Guardians sequence: Dark Ways to Death * (1968) and The Haunting of Alan Mais * (1969). Non-series collaborations with Bakerinclude The Darkest Night (1966) and The Torturer (1966). Solo titles as Saxon include Satan's Child (1967) and Corruption (dated 1968 but 1969).WGM is also credited with Drums of the Dark Gods (1966) as by W.A. Ballinger; The Case of the Muckrakers (1966), a Sexton Blake title; and Alpha-Omega (1977) as by Wilfred Glassford.

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