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  • Lambert’s Carriage, Cycle and Motor Works — Die Lambert’s Carriage, Cycle and Motor Works war ein britischer Hersteller von Fuhrwerken, Fahrrädern und Cyclecars, der in Thetford (Norfolk) ansässig war. 1911–1912 stellten sie ein dreirädriges Cyclecar namens Lambert her. Der Wagen hatte… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • lambert's law — noun Usage: usually capitalized L Etymology: after J. H. Lambert, its formulator : either of two laws in physics: a. : cosine law b. : the negative logarithm of the transmittance of a layer of substance is proportional to the thickness of the… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Lambert's law — Optics. the law that the luminous intensity of a perfectly diffusing surface in any direction is proportional to the cosine of the angle between that direction and the normal to the surface, for which reason the surface will appear equally bright …   Universalium

  • lambert's blue — noun Usage: often capitalized L Etymology: after J. H. Lambert : azurite blue …   Useful english dictionary

  • Lambert I of Nantes — Lambert I was the Count of Nantes and Prefect of the Breton March between 818 to 831 and Duke of Spoleto between 834 and 836. Lambert succeeded his father Guy. Lambert participated in an expedition undertaken by Louis the Pious in 818 against the …   Wikipedia

  • Lambert III of Nantes — Lambert III was the pretender to the County of Nantes between 851 and his death in 862.Lambert was the son of Lambert II of Nantes, at whose death in 851, the administration of the region fell effectively to the Bretons. His mother was Tetrata of …   Wikipedia

  • Lambert W function — The graph of W(x) for W > −4 and x < 6. The upper branch with W ≥ −1 is the function W0 (principal branch), the lower branch with W ≤ −1 is the function W−1. In mathematics, the Lambert W function, also called the Omega function or product… …   Wikipedia

  • Lambert Sachs — Selbstporträt Familienwappen Sachs …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lambert (Name) — Lambert ist die niederdeutsche Form des Personennamens Landberht, ahd. land = Heimat, Eigen(Land); beraht = strahlend, glänzend, stolz).[1] Varianten Lambrecht, Lamprecht Lantpert Lampert Lamport Lambertus latinisierte Form Lamberta, weibliche… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lambert Gas and Gasoline Engine Company — Rechtsform Sitz Vorlage:Infobox Unternehmen/Wartung/Pflichtparameter fehlt …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lambert Wickes — (1735 1 October 1777) was a Captain in the Continental Navy.Revolutionary activitiesWickes was born sometime in 1735 in Kent County, Maryland. His home was on Eastern Neck Island, in the family home, Wickcliffe. Prior to the American Revolution,… …   Wikipedia

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