GREEN, Terence M(ichael)

GREEN, Terence M(ichael)
   Canadian teacher and writer who began publishing work of genre interest with "Of Children in the Foliage" in Aurora: New Canadian Writing 1979 (anth 1979) ed Morris Wolfe; the story was gathered with further leanand subtle tales in The Woman who is the Midnight Wind (coll 1987). In his short fiction TMG, like many Canadian writers, tenders a vision which might be called melancholy humanism. His first novel, Barking Dogs (1988 US), on the other hand, opens that vision out but, to do so, forciblytransforms Toronto into a mean-streets venue suitable for displays of high-tech weaponry displays by a vengeful cop. In Children of the Rainbow (1992) a descendant of the Bounty mutineers undergoes TIME-TRAVEL stressand imprisonment.
   See also: CANADA.

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