GANSOVSKY, Sever (Feliksovich)

GANSOVSKY, Sever (Feliksovich)
   Russian writer, a dominant figure of the 1960s and 1970s, well known for his radio plays, some of them sf, and also well regarded for his HARD-SF short stories and novellas, which were assembled in Shagi V Neizvestnoie ("Steps into the Unknown") (coll 1963), Shest' Geniev ("SixGeniuses") (coll 1965), Tri Shaga K Opasnosti ("Three Steps towards Danger") (coll 1969), Idyot Tchelovek ("Man is Coming") (coll 1971) and Tchelovek, Kotoryi Sdelal Baltiiskoie More ("The Man who Made the Baltic Sea") (coll 1981). Some of his better stories appear in World's Spring (anth 1979 Sweden) ed Vladimir GAKOV, and further stories were assembled as The Day of Wrath (coll trans Alexander Repyev 1989 Russia). A novel, Vinsent Van-Gog ("Vincent Van Gogh") (1971) is a TIME-TRAVEL tale raisinggeneral philosophical questions about the artist's destiny.

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