FRANKE, Herbert W(erner)

FRANKE, Herbert W(erner)
   Austrian-born writer and scientist who, after receiving a doctorate in Vienna in 1950, moved to Munich, where he taught cybernetic aesthetics at the University of Munich. After publishing considerable nonfiction in the 1950s, mostly on either speleology or computer graphics, he also began publishing sf, at first speculative short stories like those assembled in Der grune Komet ("The Green Comet") (coll 1960), Fahrt zum Licht: Utopische Kurzgeschichten ("Journey to Light: Utopian ShortStories") (coll 1963), Einsteins Erben ("Einstein's Heirs") (coll 1972) and Zarathustra kehrt zuruck ("Zarathustra Returns") (coll 1977). He has also published several novels beginning with Das Gedankennetz (1961; trans Christine Priest as The Mind Net 1974 US). Der Orchideenkafig (1961; transChristine Priest as The Orchid Cage 1973 US) complexly depicts, in HWF's typically speculative, somewhat dry manner, the profound transformative effects of a mysterious planet on its human explorers. Zone Null (1970; trans 1974 US) sets up between a future Free World and an apparently defeated and deserted Zone Null a metaphysical questioning of the true aims of society and of the intermingled values of both opposed sides. In Transpluto (1982), which is typical of his later work, a mysterious planethornswoggles a team of Earthmen, keeping them from leaving the Solar System. HWF is one of the first contemporary German sf writers whose workranks with that in English and other European languages.
   Other works: Die Glasfalle ("The Glass Trap") (1961); Die Stahlwuste ("The Steel Desert") (1962); Planet der Verlorenen ("Planet of the Lost") (1963) as by Sergius Both; Der Elfenbeinturm ("The Ivory Tower") (1965); Ypsilon Minus (1976); Ein Kyborg namens Joe ("A Cyborg Named Joe") (coll 1978); Sirius Transit (1979) as by Sergius Both;Schule fur Ubermenschen ("School for Supermen") (1980); Paradies 3000 ("Paradise 3000") (coll1981); Keine Spur vom Leben ("No Trace of Life") (coll 1982), collecting radio plays; Die Kalte des Weltraums ("The Coldness of Space") (1982); Tod einesUnsterblichen ("Death of an Immortal") (1982); Endzeit ("End of Time") (1985); Der Atem der Sonne ("The Breath of the Sun") (1986); Zentrum der Milchstrasse ("The Centre of the Milky Way") (1990); Spiegel der Gedanken("Mirror of Thought") (coll 1990).
   See also: AUSTRIA; GERMANY.

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