US "magazine" in paperback-book format published by ACE BOOKS, ed James BAEN, 11 issues, Nov 1978-Aug 1981, last issue undated. The list of contributors to all sections of the magazine - which could equally be thought of as an original- ANTHOLOGY series - was impressive. Book reviews were by Spider ROBINSON, with Orson Scott CARD and Norman SPINRAD taking over from \#6. Science-fact articles came from Jerry POURNELLE, among others, and included a five-part series by Poul ANDERSON on the interaction between sf and science. The fiction was mainly short stories and novelettes, many from well known authors like Gregory BENFORD, Card, Larry NIVEN (with Pournelle), Clifford D. SIMAK and Roger ZELAZNY. "Lost Dorsai" by Gordon R. DICKSON won the 1981 HUGO for Best Novella. The emphasis was on HARD SF. The series died when Baen left Ace. However, some time after Baen formed his publishing company Baen Books in 1983, and having published a very similar paperback magazine series, FAR FRONTIERS (1985-6), he resuscitated Destinies as New Destinies, beginning with New Destinies, Vol I: Spring 1987 ed Baen, apparently current (1992) though irregular, with 8 issues up to New Destinies Vol IX (anth 1990); there was no New Destinies Vol V. The mixture was, as before, of scientific articles and hard-sf stories by authors like Dean ING, Spider Robinson, Charles SHEFFIELD and Harry TURTLEDOVE, as well as pieces from several of the contributors to the original Destinies.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Encyclopedia. . 2011.

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