US writer of fantastic fiction, miscellaneous works and dime novels; said to have been of UK birth. He drew very heavily on the work of H. Rider HAGGARD for models and sources. His adult fantastic fiction included: He (1887), involving a search for Kallikrates, an immortal who lives on Easter Island; "It" (1887), with characters from King Solomon's Mines (1886) like Allan Quatermain, describing further adventures in East Africa seeking the immortal woman, culminating in the discovery of the Missing Link and a clear statement about mutations; and King Solomon's Treasures (1887), which invokes a surviving pterodactyl and the immortal Macrobi. These works embodied an impressive background of accurate classical and ethnographic data. King Solomon's Wives (1887) as by Hyder Ragged, sometimes erroneously attributed to JDM, was written by UK legal scholar Sir Henry Chartres Biron (1863-1940).JDM later became a staff writer for Norman L. Munro (DIME-NOVEL SF) and wrote conventional dime novels. The Strange Adventures of Two New York Boys in the Realm of the Polar North (1890) describes a lost race (LOST WORLDS) of Old Norse near the North Pole, while Into the Maelstrom (1894) is concerned with a UTOPIAN society (without crime or evil passions) in a cave world filled with breathable water under the Maelstrom. In Unknown Worlds (1896), In Search of the Gold of Ophir (1899) and Bringing Home the Gold (1899) all deal with Missing Links.

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