CHAPDELAINE, Perry A(nthony)
   US writer, mathematician, research psychologist and director of an author's publishing co-op. His first published sf was "To Serve the Masters" for If in 1967. His first sf novel, Swampworld West (1974), routinely explores a COLONIZATION scenario involving problems between native ALIENS and Earth colonists. His more recent books, The Laughing Terran (1977 UK) and Spork of the Ayor (1969 If; fixup 1978 UK), like their predecessor, suffer from awkward prose and sf stereotypes. In the 1980s he began with George HAY an enormous project in The John W. Campbell Letters; published to date is The John W. Campbell Letters, Volume 1 (coll 1986) and The John W. Campbell Letters with Isaac Asimov and A.E.Van Vogt (coll 1993).
   See also: DIANETICS.

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